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Very bright, cheerful and easy to read. The staff and customers really benefit from the free samples you send us, so we can try them and recommend them...
Nova Studfield Pharmacy, Watrina South, VIC
Well the free samples are a bonus to start with, then there's the promotional information and the barcodes of new products to help you order the item... good job, keep it up!
Thomsons Lake Pharmacy, Cockburn Central, WA.
Love the samples, makes it easy to recommend products we've tried personally... very informative and easy to read...very happy!
...a very useful, very informative tool... keep up the good work, we need this important information at our disposal.
U Pharmacy, Cranbourne, VIC.
...the information is clear, concise and a very useful tool to help educate customers... also helps with buying.
Pharmore Pharmacy, Melton, VIC.
It's great to keep ahead of what's new and changing in the industry. Our staff try the samples, so we know how they work and can explain to our customers how we found it...
Terry Smith Pharmacy, Launceston, TAS.

Trade Talk® has been servicing the Pharmaceutical industry for over 18 years and is one of Australia’s most referred to and respected publications in circulation. Aiming to educate and facilitate Pharmacies and healthcare professions Australia-wide, Trade Talk® is seen as an essential reference point and staple within the field.

Much more than a magazine. Much more than advertising.

Trade Talk® has earned respect within the pharmaceutical industry for providing a well executed magazine aimed at educating and updating Pharmacists and their staff on new products and advertising within the industry. No matter where you are within Australia, Trade Talk® covers all bases and provides the information you need to optimize sales and keep you at the forefront of the industry.

The introduction of Trade Talk® online now offers more than ever before, and provides it all at your fingertips.

Your FREE subscription allows you to:

  • Educate your staff through specifically designed training modules and track their progress throughout the year
  • Purchase product securely online, and all in one transaction
  • Access special promotions and deals
  • Reference previous editions of the publication
  • View up-and-coming product advertisements before its launch

All of this, plus so much more is available to you at your convenience, regardless of the size or location of your pharmacy.

Register here now for FREE!

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